I Forgot That Jesus Was On The Move

Picture this: Night #1.  I’m playing in an arena in front of thousands of people on the biggest tour of my life. As I walked off stage, I was followed by an extremely influential industry executive who leaned into me pretty hard about my set needing work, etc. He was right in his assessment and I’m grateful that he cared enough about me and saw enough potential in me to shoot straight and hard even if it was painful to hear. 

For the next 5 days my soul went dark. I stressed out so hard on my set that I forgot that Jesus was on the move in and around me. Every night I became more and more consumed by how many CD’s I wasn’t selling. I lost sight of all that I had signed onto this tour for. And so the war of 2 kingdoms continued.  “Seek First the Kingdom Of Timmons…” 4 Timothy 1:1 became my life verse. 

How quickly I had lost all perspective, all mission, all vision of my main objective: to simply follow Jesus into the work of His Kingdom. How quickly my old prayers of “Jesus would you bless what I am doing…” came back and how quickly it became all about me.

Jesus’ purpose for me on this tour, at home, at work, and even as I sit here on this plane is consistent and simple. He says “Follow Me.” In these past few years the practicality of following Jesus has seemed to start with an awareness of His nearness and movements. What if we aren’t supposed to ask Jesus to join us in what we are doing but to ask Him to show us where He is moving and how we could join Him in it. In the everyday mundane routines of our lives, what if we tried asking Jesus to open up doors for His Kingdom sake and for the eyes to see where He is moving. That was how Paul prayed every time he went to a new city. “Jesus would YOU open doors for Your good news to be seen and heard.” This simplicity has been my aim and joy in this past season until little distractions cloud my pure and simple devotion to follow Jesus (2 Cor. 11:3-4).

So after the 5 days of reading and living out a miserable existence of 4 Timothy 1:1, I prayed with great sobriety the same prayer that I’ve been praying for the past 3 years: ”I surrender all… would you let my kingdom fall. So Yours alone will be the only one standing.” 

Since then I’ve found the gift of Joy again and watched Jesus open doors all over the place for things that lift up His Kingdom. Jesus keep reminding us of Your nearness!


What if it works? I hope it works!

In our new life adventure, I’m traveling all over the country as a “New Recording Artist” performing concerts, leading worship, touring radio stations, etc all with the hope of making it?  I need to feed my family, which is funded by making it, but what does making it actually mean?

My purpose is to influence the church, inviting believers about Jesus to become followers of Jesus through my story. This has been so specifically prescribed by Jesus to Hilary and me that we are clearer than we’ve ever been. Yet where’s the line between telling Jesus what He should do and letting Jesus open the doors that He has for me to walk through in the name of influence for His Kingdom sake?

So for me, is selling a ton of albums, playing bigger venues, having a #1 radio hit a valid sign of making it? Well yes and no. I’m seeing that, defining the “IT” is becoming more and more crucial. For us in this season, the makingIT” is defined by Influencing the church (people) for the Kingdom’s sake, not ours. The daily battle is between building my kingdom and building into Jesus’. What’s my role and what’s Gods? Sure I work my butt off trying to write great songs, recording the best possible versions of them, blogging, traveling all over the place performing powerful concerts and leading worship, telling my story and keeping the vision I’ve been given at the forefront of everyone involved (label, management, radio gatekeepers, etc). Who’s in charge of the outcome of my hard work? Who’s in charge of the outcome of the “IT”?

 Jesus simply says “Follow me. Don’t worry about tomorrow, I know what I’m doing. I bring you the good news of My Kingdom where I am King and you are not but I’m good and always at work in and through your stuff. Do not focus on things that moths and rust will destroy. Focus on me and I will give you rest. I am your treasure that you seek. I am your great reward. I am enough. Because of the love that I have for you and show you, love, love, love your neighbor. Because of the way I have served you, serve each other well. Don’t be like the Pharisees that do all the right religious things on the outside but don’t know me on the inside. Walk with me…Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life that you are striving for. I AM ‘IT’!”

What are you striving after? Who’s in charge of the outcome?


Pro American Christian

Ready for this?:
I may be one of the better American Christian guys you’ll meet. I’ve got the
knowledge, pedigree, talent, time spent in the trenches of ‘ministry’, and a ‘holiness’
history to prove it. I know how to ‘do church’ with the best of them. My friends that
have known me the longest would agree with my opening statement and would in
fact tell you that I could be on the varsity team as an American Christian...I could go
Pro! How’s that for an awesome intro.
I must say, in these past 4 years I have felt more and more like the apostle Paul when
he basically said...”I am one of the greater Jews around. The “Hebrew of Hebrews”...
knowledge/pedigree etc... but it all means nothing next to knowing and following
Jesus.” Literally all of Paul’s righteousness equals a pile of skubala...(yup Paul cussed
in Greek).
In this past season Hilary and I’ve had the gift of sobering up from religiously “doing
church” and been faced with the simplicity of following Jesus as His church. I
honestly feel like I’m enrolling in preschool as a follower of Jesus and am daily
watching the words of Jesus wage war on my default button of American Christianity.
I will expound more on this in future posts, but I am constantly blown away at my
success as a “Christian” but my failure as a follower of Jesus.
Recently I’ve had a few friends come to me and sheepishly admit the same strong
indictment. They’ve said, “I can talk about Jesus all day long. I can give you facts and
reasoning for what He said, did and the why behind it all,” and here’s where it gets
good, “but I don’t know if I actually know Him.” Have you ever felt that? Do you
Each time these friends have shared this with me, I’m sure they were not expecting
my response. I simply smile as if I know exactly where they’re coming from and
welcome them to preschool with me! All to say, here’s my invitation : Come to preschool
with me and let’s figure out how tosimply know Jesus and follow Him. Preschool is way more fun!



Philippians 1:21

A month prior to my life changing diagnosis of cancer, Jesus began preparing me.
Every sermon, Bible study, devotional, small group curriculum, etc. seemed to point
to the same place. There are those rare moments in life that I’ve been able to identify
a clear message from Jesus and this was one of those. Philippians 1:21 “For me to
live is Christ, and to die is gain.” At first it confused me because it just sounded like
bad English (not the band). But after the 100th time hearing and reading it, it began
to make more sense.
“Ok Jesus I’m listening. I’ve always thought that the ‘life verse’ thing was a little
overdramatic but I guess you want me to take this one on as mine. My life is yours.
Everything I am is because of You and for You. Ok, giddy up. Let’s do this! Oh yeah
and to die is gain. Cool.”
Snap forward a month to sitting on my couch after coming home from the doctor’s
office with the news of my incurable cancer. For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.
This little life verse thing just got real. Could this invitation from Jesus still be true
with this newfound reality of cancer?
It had been 15 years since I reconnected with a college roommate and his wife Kara.
Kara is dealing with a fairly aggressive cancer and is somehow joyful in the middle of
it. There is no reason that she should be joyful even through her pain and stuggle,
but they as a couple are filled with Jesus. She was telling me about Jesus’ invitation
to her through this simple verse, (I’ll give you 3 guesses for what it was) Phil. 1:21
For me to live is Christ to die is gain. She talked about how hard it is to see this
cancer as anything good. How is leaving my kids a good thing? How is my death
gain? Then she said, “but I am learning that death cannot be gain unless for me living
is all about Jesus.”
It’s been 12 years of asking Jesus to reveal more of Himself so that my life would
actually re-present Him in life and in death. He hasn’t stopped answering that prayer.
What if Jesus is inviting us into this reality? What if this awareness is the sheltered
port into His rest and purpose?

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